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Unreal Engine Compatibility
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Introducing AFUWhiteboard

Your Ultimate Virtual Canvas!


Unleash your creativity like never before with AFUWhiteboard, an essential Utility for your Advanced Framework toolkit. Transform your virtual reality experience into a dynamic canvas where your imagination knows no bounds.


Key Features

  • Canvas Board: Dive into a world of endless possibilities as you draw and erase with ease on our virtual canvas board. Whether you’re sketching out ideas or expressing your artistic flair, AFUWhiteboard provides the perfect platform for your creations.
  • Paint Buckets: Customize your masterpiece with a diverse range of colours available at your fingertips. With our intuitive paint buckets, you can effortlessly switch between hues to bring your vision to life.
  • Adjustable Thickness: Fine-tune your strokes with precision using the thumbstick control. From delicate lines to bold strokes, AFUWhiteboard empowers you to tailor the thickness of your pen to suit your artistic style.


Unleash your creativity, explore new horizons, and bring your ideas to life with AFUWhiteboard. Elevate your virtual reality experience today!

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